Kitson P. Kelly

I am responsible for the technology for NOW TV, a rapidly growing UK OTT business owned by Sky Plc. Prior to that, I worked for Sky in a couple of different roles. I have been in technology most of my whole career, having worked in mainly consulting prior to joining Sky in 2010.

I was born and raised in the US, mainly in the Phoenix, Arizona area. I resided in Chicago for about 10 years but travelled for work abroad extensively until 2006 when I moved to the UK permenantly. I obtained UK citizenship 3 years later and am a dual US/UK Citizen. I have been with my partner, Simon, since 2001. We formalised our relationship in late 2006 as a civil partnership in the UK and converted to a marriage in the UK in December 2014.

My sister, while not being mother to her son, is quite the photographer. She currently lives with my semi-retired parents in the Phoenix area.

While work doesn't allow me much time to pursue my own technical hobbies, I do quite enjoy hacking around. I am quite proud of my little website, since I have written it from “scratch” including the web server that it is running on. Actually, I have combined together several pieces of technology to bring you this website, including NodeJS, Dojo Toolkit, Jade, Express, Stylus and some of my own projects.


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